It’s just me.

So, apparently you want to know who I am. Well, there’s
not much to say.

I’m a girl.
I’m 18.
I live in Munich.

So far about the important facts. Furthermore,
that I hate people.
At least most of them.
That is, because they … are. Hard to explain.
It’s just a fact.

I also hate French. And Math. And … diverse other thing,
but I’m to lazy to write them all down.

Wouldn’t be interessting for anybody, anyway.

Of course, there are things I like, for example cookies,
music, wordjokes, postcards, the Roaring 20’s and coffee.
And books. And films. And sarcasm.

Well, I think that’ll do. Questions? Ask.


6 responses to “It’s just me.

  1. Hi! I was just visiting your blog for the first time and when I read this post I just felt funny. There’s 115 words in it and 110 describe me as well. I thought that was cool. Change “girl”, “17”, “Munich” and “and Math” and you’ve got me. =) so are you from German or you just live there?

  2. A Box full of Cookies

    Wow, cool xD
    Yeah, I’m german, and I also live here. Where are you from?

  3. As you must have guessed from my blog, I´m from Portugal. I´ve lived here all my life but I can’t wait to get out, even if it’s just for a while. I am going to college this year, so maybe soon I’ll heve the chance 🙂 Is it the same way in Germany, you go to college when you are 18? It’s a big change here in Portugal when you go to college, but it’s quite cool.

  4. aboxfullofcookies

    well, german school system is quite complicated. we finish.. well, I think it would be translated as high school, when we’re 19, 20. then we go to university. so, I still got 2 years left, wonderful, isn’t it?! -_-
    I know exactly what you mean by “can’t wait to get out”. it’s the same with me. it kinda seems like every other country (well, maybe france not, but there are still enough left ;)) is more interesting than your own.

  5. hai..
    nice to know you..
    I’m from far!

  6. Hallihallo aus Auckland!
    Wollte meiner Twitter Freundin nur mal Hallo sagen. Schoener, witziger Blog ueberigens! Ciao, Jo

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