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Music kinda moves my life. Or, let’s say, keeps me moving. Every little now and then, I’ll add one or two songs which mean something special for me, in whatever way.

No particular order, latest post on top.

Cake – Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps

One of my new favourite Bands!

Cake – Rock’n’Roll Lifestyle

Hrrr, I like it. Smile! =)

Florence and the Machine – Kiss with a Fist

You hit me once, I hit you back, you gave a kick, I gave a slap, you smashed the plate over my head….

Emiliana Torrini – Jungle Drum

Haha, this is just great! I love to dance to this song. It’s this summer-sun-rythm-thing, you know?

Speakerbox – Hit the Bass


Quincy Jones – Soul Bossa Nova

Haha, the one and only! Just move! I love this song to.. well, yes, jump around, wasting energy.

US 3 – Cantaloop

Seems like this Reggea stuff is closely connected to my summer feelings. Great song, too. Listen, relaxe.

Tina Turner – Golden Eye

As I saw Goldfinger some days ago, I remembered this wonderful song. Mrs. Turner got an amazing voice… Great song! Great Movie!

Nat King Cole ft Damian Jr Gong & Stephen MarleyCalypso

This is summer feeling as I like it. Love this song!

Black Strobe – I’m A Man

As you know me. I’m no man – I’m Rock’n’Roll!

Morcheeba – Be Yourself

Stayin’ smooth – I newly discover my love for this kinda beat.

Belleruche – Anything You Want (Not That)

It’s smooth, it’s cool – I like it.

Jens Lekman – Friday Night At The Drive-In Bingo

Drive in, let the beat flow. Feels like driving though the country on a sunny Friday afternoon. Enjoy.

The Duloks – (I’m Gonna Follow Your) Startrail

Feel the beat pumpin’ through your body.

Santogold – Say Aha

Really cool vid, and, you just can’t get the sound out of your head. It will drive anybody near you  mad, singing this along. I know what I’m talking of!

Tote King Feat Shotta – Ven

Klick Play – and swing your hips! Uuuuuuuhhh!

Pete and the PiratesMr Understanding

Just listen. But be warned – you just won’t get it out of your head again!

Beirut – La Llorona

It’s a quite melancholic song, but I like it. Nice melody. Good to dream of dancing. Take your imaginary partner, and swing him or her round the room.

Andrew Bird – Oh No

When he wrote this song, or let’s say, when he got the idea for it, he sat in a plane, and there was a boy, who simply wanted to go out of it, and so cried “Oh no, oh no!”. And as grown-ups don’t show their feelings like little boys, they are kinda peaceful sociopaths. I like smooth atmosphere.

Jay Z – Hello Brooklyn 2.0 FEAT LIL WEEZY

Yes, I’m also listening to rap music. And I really like that one.

As I’m just in the mood for kinda depressing songs, I can’t get around posting one more song from the fabulous Rolling Stones:

The Rolling Stones – Moolight Mile

I just adore this song! It’s one of a few songs that actually makes me cry when I’m in that depressive mood. You get the impression, that you can really touch the song, the music.

Magnet & Gemma Hayes – Lay Lady Lay

More slowly, more dramatic, in a way. I like it. It’s for dreaming.

The Wombat-Lets Dance To Joy Division

As you may have noticed, I like rock music. One more of my favs. Because you just wanna dance in the streets. (I’m sorry, I only found a vid with lyrics.)

As I really adore the Rolling Stones, I thought long about which song I should take. In the end, I couldn’t settle for one song, but for my favourite four:

The Rolling Stones – Come on

That’s Rock’n’Roll. That’s the Stones. That’s the pure joy of music.

The Rolling Stones – Melody

This is seduction at its best. Although Mick Jagger is really not very sexy, singing this song makes him actually quite hot.

The Rolling Stones – Hey Negrita

Oldschool-music. Wild, seductive, high.

The Rolling Stones – Shake your Hips

Don’t move your head. Don’t move your hands. Don’t move your lips. Just shake your hips. Nothing more to say.

Radiohead – High and Dry

If you need a break after all that dancing. Lying somewhere, watching clouds on the sky go by, thinking. Relaxing.

Modest Mouse – Dashboard

Just imagine you’re floating. Floating fast. Through wanter, and through air, faster than you can imagine.

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – Magick

So turn the radio on. So turn the radio up. So turn the radio up loud and get down. Let your body move. Let your body sway. Listen to the music play.

It’s magick.

Maximo Park – Books from Boxes

Slowly, calmly, it starts. Then it gets faster. Then it’s slow and calm again. Like everything. Like life. Gives you a good deal of hope, that there will come a time with more adventures. Or less.

El Guincho – Palmitos Park

It makes you shake your hips. You feel like standing in a crowd of dancing people on a street-festival, in the summer. Just dancing. Having a party.

Eagles of Death Metal – Wanna be in L.A.

It’s Rock’n’Roll. It’s moving. You are moving. This song makes you just dance untin you sweat.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Around the Bend

Because it’s fuckin’ party. Get the flow, start dancing, start smiling. Feel the flow, feel the future, feel the change, yes we can. Change. Get more. Everything. No, really, just take your whiskey, take your cigarette, get on your very short skirt, your leather jacket and move to the beat.

The Dandy Warhols – Horse Pills

It’s because it’s just Rock’n’Roll. Because you wanna get you Mustang out of the garage, and have a party on the road. Driving far too fast on the highway. Getting drunk, at least a bit, and showing off. In your Itsy-Bitsy-Teeny-Weenie-Rinding-Up-Your-Butt-Bikini.

Tahiti 80 – Yellow Butterfly

This song smells like summer. Like lying in the grass, looking up to the blue sky and feeling a soft breeze on your face.

Johnossi – Man Must Dance

It’s an lovely, an adorable song. It perfectly fits to the mood of an early saturday morning, when the sun blinks shy through the curtains, and you wake up with a smile on your face. Knowing, that this is gonna be your day.


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