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This is it.

So, this is it! Strawberry with cream. Summer.

And, finally, there’s some movement in my life. I actually start to work on thursday. Hm. Hope everything goes well.


London becomes more realistic! I’m really looking forward to some days in this city. Two very close friends are coming with me. Probably.




Seems, like London got fucked up.


I HATE it  >_<

London, London!

I’m excited.

If things work out, I’m going to visit London this week. Yes! London!

I this city!

In October, I’ve been there for one week with the school. It was just so cool…
Beautiful city, nice language, cool people…

It’s interessting to see, that big cities are in one way all the same – and still so different.

I really hope, that this one will work out. Need to get outta here, just for some days…


So many people are obviously reading this blog. Why is nobody commenting? I’d like tohave some… feedback. Really. Feeling so… strange, these times…