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I ♥ Post-Its!

Finally back and alive. Rock im Park is over, I rose from the dead. A detailed report about these days will follow, sometimes… Soon, I hope.

But I found this amazing vid, just watch! It’s stunning!



Seems, like London got fucked up.


I HATE it  >_<

Things are looking up.

Things are definitely looking up. Seems like this is the end of the big drought.
For several months, it seemed like there was no end, no loophole. I felt pretty lonely from time to time, not exactly without friends, but, I have to admitt, especially without a boyfriend. It’s kinda… sad? resigning? when all your friends (girls) have a boyfriend. When there is no other topic but “OH. He is SO sweet, you know…” Blablabla. I mean, I feel happy for them, I feel really happy. But it’s quite annoying, if you can’t contribut anything.

But now, the horizon seems to light up 😉
Actually, nothing special. But the last few days, I got at least into contact with new people. I even got some (!) invitations, not really dates, but kind of. It’s amazing, how easy it is to boost an – well, at least my – ego.
Well, I’m excited, how all turns out to be. Really.
I hope, my ‘winter – drepression’ now is all over.

I also will update the music stuff, as I haven’t done this for a long time.
And, as you might have noticed, there’s a new header. New time, new design.

And, in addition to the new music-stuff, I’d like to recommend M 94.5 to you. It’s a small, german radio station in Munich, where I live, and they really play a lot of good music (and quite a bit VERY strange stuff!).


According to the BMI (Body Mass Index), I’ve got underweight.

My BMI is 18.4. Strange. I don’t feel as if I’ve got underweight.


Well. Nice.
By the way, Cagliostro, Alessandro Cagliostro, was quite an interessing character. Really.
Quite interessting…