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I ♥ Post-Its!

Finally back and alive. Rock im Park is over, I rose from the dead. A detailed report about these days will follow, sometimes… Soon, I hope.

But I found this amazing vid, just watch! It’s stunning!


Rock im Park

We drove off on Thursday afternoon, and I thought I had to die! My backpack weighed 20 (!) kilos, and then we got no seat in the train.
I really could have arranged myself with that, but then a bunch of drunken Austrians descended on us, I thought i’m gonna die. Holy shit, they really had a lot of beer. I hab a lot of fun with them, but after one hour I was ready to kill.
Well. We survived.
Then, searching a place for the tents, or – My second death. Carrying 20 kilos for about an hour, as unathletic as I am. At least we got a place.
And our neighbors were quite cool, three hardcore metalfans from Franconia. After we got over some linguistical difficulties, we shot the breeze.

The concerts were really wicked. If been only at the centerstage, because there played the most bands I wanted to hear.
On Friday I stood directly behind the 2nd closing at Lostprophets (flop), Simple Plan (ok), Kid Rock (definitely hot), the Sportfreunde Stiller (ok) and the Toten Hosen (hot). Got some bruises at quite unfavorable places, but that was worth it, definitely!
On Saturday I was in the 1st closing, virtually 30m in front of the stage, at Culcha Candela (really good), the Streets (hot), Fettes Brot (hot), Gavin Rossdale (flop), Serj Tankian (ok), Incubus (hot) and Rage Against The Machine (more hat hot). That was just awesome. Particularly RATM. The crowd simply freaked out.
Sunday: Alther Bridge (flop), Disturbed (good), In Flames (good), Nightswish (worst act), Offspring (boring, unfortunately) and Metallica (best act ever!).
And now just imagine: Metallica, 70.000 fans, and where was little Caro? Fucking 1st closing, 30m in front of the stage, stright in the middle.

I’m still deaf.


Sometimes, you have to do something bad to do something good. Or the other way round.
And sometimes, you can just agree unquestioning, what Calvin says:

“Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us.”

The last weekend, I earned my money for RIP. Painting walls with two idiots I really like.
But, never again. Never. Ever.