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Fireworks are overestimated.

I was always wondering why people love firewoks. I mean, it’s just some BOOM BOOM and some coloured light in the sky. Isn’t it?

At the Theatron MusicSummer in Munich, on the former olympic area, there are fireworks once a week. And for three weeks, there are several Bands playing. Every day. For free. For FREE. Ok, they are not the Rolling Stones. They are small local Bands, and to play at the Theatron is a great chance to put one’s name on the map, to get known in the scene, and to get more fans. With the sun shining, there a quite a lot people listening.
But not to compare with the fireworks audience. Even if the weather is horrible, cold and wet, there are thousands of people coming, just to watch some BOOM BOOM.


I don’t get it.


This is it.

So, this is it! Strawberry with cream. Summer.

And, finally, there’s some movement in my life. I actually start to work on thursday. Hm. Hope everything goes well.


London becomes more realistic! I’m really looking forward to some days in this city. Two very close friends are coming with me. Probably.


London, London!

I’m excited.

If things work out, I’m going to visit London this week. Yes! London!

I this city!

In October, I’ve been there for one week with the school. It was just so cool…
Beautiful city, nice language, cool people…

It’s interessting to see, that big cities are in one way all the same – and still so different.

I really hope, that this one will work out. Need to get outta here, just for some days…


So many people are obviously reading this blog. Why is nobody commenting? I’d like tohave some… feedback. Really. Feeling so… strange, these times…

Impressions on a sunny afternoon.

La Vita é bella

La Vita é bella.

Down the Street

Down the Street.

Coffee & Sun

Coffee & Sun.

blue, blue sky!

blue, blue sky!



Just keep on walking

Just keep on walking.

At your doorsteps


Between the lines

Between the lines.

Backyards, as big as stemps in the sky

Backyards, as big as stamps in the sky.

Open space

Open Space.


Right at your doorsteps…


Yes, all this is Munich.

Platinum Pied Pipers

Finally, summer arrived in Munich. At least for today.

Once again, I became aware of how much I needed the sun. I mean, I’don’t need it always. ot all the time. But the last time, I’ve been pretty close to  dying. I was missing the warmth, ths light, and, yes, even some fucking birds getting much too loud way too early in the morning. I missed the feeling in the mourning, when you wake up, and you know, you’re gonna miss an opportunity if you don’t get up.

One song, quite on top of my summer-soundtrack, will definitly be On A Cloud by PPP feat. Karma Stewart. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a video, so I’m gonna recommend the MySpace Site warmly to you! Listen to On A Cloud, and you will know what I mean.

Then, I just thought about adding some new movies. But the weather is just too good to do some PC-stuff. So I’ll just write a little to-do list.

  • Death at a Funeral
  • Juno
  • Death Proof
  • Memento
  • Good Night and Good Luck
  • Thank you for Smoking
  • Lady Henderson presenting
  • The Meaning of Life
  • The Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
  • Ray
  • Corps Bride
  • High Fidelity

That’ll do. I guess.

Have fun. Love life. Listen to good music.
Damn, things are definitely looking up!

Spring Fever.

So. Now, spring fever got me.

It seems to me like it’s brightening up. Again I got this feeling.
It’s like catching yourself drumming your fingers on the table, as if you’re waiting for somebody or something.
A kind of a dissatisfaction lodged deep inside you.
You feel the desire of jumping up and down, and running. Sounds pretty daft, I know.
But all together, it’s not a negative feeling.

It’s more an anticipation to the spring. What it will bring to you.

I hope some more action.

Songs for Summer:

Hot by Smash Mouth

Henrietta by The Fratellis

Shake your Hips by The Rolling Stones


I felt that there had to be something new here. The old design was … to dark.

It’s summer. At least I feel like that. You, too?