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Fireworks are overestimated.

I was always wondering why people love firewoks. I mean, it’s just some BOOM BOOM and some coloured light in the sky. Isn’t it?

At the Theatron MusicSummer in Munich, on the former olympic area, there are fireworks once a week. And for three weeks, there are several Bands playing. Every day. For free. For FREE. Ok, they are not the Rolling Stones. They are small local Bands, and to play at the Theatron is a great chance to put one’s name on the map, to get known in the scene, and to get more fans. With the sun shining, there a quite a lot people listening.
But not to compare with the fireworks audience. Even if the weather is horrible, cold and wet, there are thousands of people coming, just to watch some BOOM BOOM.


I don’t get it.


A Bunch of Idiots.

Sometimes, life is really hard. And I don’t mean physical work, or earning money.
I mean getting along with your fellow men. It can be funny, sure. You can laugh about it, and be finde.
But there are some days, you just can’t laugh. And there are some people who seem just too stupid too live. A dead rat got a higher IQ.
There’s a girl at my school, same year as I am, who turned 18 half a year ago. So you can expect a certain mental maturity.
Today, in her biology cours, they talked about genetic stuff, and the subject, somehow, turned to albinism.
The girl earnestly claimed, that black people actually are not born black, but with, and become black by and by.
Remember? 18 years old. 12th grade. And you simply want to slam her head against something really hard.

Today ist one of those days, I cannot laugh about things like that.
Not even the weather tries to cheer me up. Cold, rainy, snow, wet, dark.

I really love winter. And sarcasm.